Open lecture with Aga Skorupka

On 24 March Aga Skorupka gives the lecture "Applying environmental psychology in human centered design", as part of KHiB's open lecture programme focusing on the user and the user's situation.

Time: 24 March, 13 - 15:30
Venue: The the lecture room, Marken 37

Aga Skorupka - Applying environmental psychology in human centered design

The lecture has two parts.
First, the interdisciplinary field of environmental psychology will be introduced. Emphasis will be put on selected theories and concepts critical in the framework of human centered design.

The second part of the lecture will be devoted to applications, or evidence based design, focusing on examples of research relevant to design for particular needs and specific types environments (workplace, retail and service environments, play spaces etc.). We will conclude with a critical reflection on what human centered design encompasses in (professional) practice.
Aga Skorupka
Aga Skorupka holds a phd in environmental psychology from City University of New York. In her work she focuses on applying research to human centered design both architectural and urban scale. Her recent research looked at affordances in indoor environments that influence the experiences of movement.
The lecture will be in English.

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