Mari Aarre

Mari Aarre new dean of the Department of Fine Art

Mari Aarre (44) has been appointed as a new dean at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB) from mid-March. The position of dean is both an academic and administrative position. 'I look forward to getting started,' she says.

Why do you want the job of dean at KHiB?
'There are many exciting things going on, both in the department and at the academy as a whole. The focus on teaching based on artistic research seems to be a convincing strategy and an exiting point of departure for further development. As the reorganisation of the department has not been fully completed, I hope I can make a positive contribution to its implementation. As dean of the Department of Fine Art, I will have an opportunity to contribute to the further development of the institution, and that was a challenge I could not resist!

I now look forward to getting to know the academic staff. I have met some of them before (when I last worked in Bergen), but there are also people I know very little about. I am eager to learn more about the work they do and what drives them,' she adds.

When advertising the vacancy, KHiB stated that it was looking for a dynamic, open, responsive and involving leader with the ability to motivate and engage with the staff. What kind of leader are you?
'I want to be a plain-speaking sparring partner, and I believe in leadership through dialogue. Naturally, dialogue must be based on a willingness and ability to listen, and I think I will focus a lot on listening exercises when I take up the position.

Varied background
Aarre comes from the position of senior adviser to the Arts Council Norway. She has previously been general/artistic director at Hordaland Art Centre and been senior adviser and deputy for the director of KORO (Public Art Norway). She also has experience as a critic, writer and lecturer. She has a Cand. Philol. degree in Art History.

Published: 4/3/2014 by Astri Kamsvåg Updated: 3/19/2015 by admin