Collaboration with the Norwegian Lighting Institute resulted in a light celebration

13 March bachelor students in design and art presented the impressive results of a three-week course in experimentation with light. The Norwegian Lighting Institute, Lyskultur, is an association for leading players in the lighting industry. The organisation used KHiB's premises for a banquet in connection with its annual conference.

The focus of the course, which is called "Poetic space/sensuous space", is spatial expression and methods, and it aims to shed light on spatial design in relation to the functional, the scenic and the existential space. Understanding and training in the use of spatial techniques have a central place. Light is one of the key elements of spatial design, and lighting design is therefore an important part of the course.

The course consists of lab activities, including studies of techniques such as light, darkness, materiality and colour, and it focuses on daylight in particular. Visual art, theatre, music and literature are used to guide the students in their creative work. The course focuses on the content of spaces, on the poetic and sensuous dimension, from ideas and existential needs to concrete functions. The emphasis is on students carrying out full-scale experiments.

The students work with light in art and in spatial design, and also examine scenic techniques. The experimentation with lighting equipment will continue next week in the light laboratory in Strømgaten.

The theme "Poetic space/sensuous place" indicates the source of inspiration, and the concepts of sensuousness and phenomenology are discussed in relation to contemporary spatial design and spatial expression: What is a good space that generates joy? How can spatial poetry be created?

We do not live in a world of physical facts, we live in a world imbued with our sense of life and with the meaning and values we ourselves instil it with. This is a crucial aspect of our interaction with the world. Poets often describe how the world, space and the self melt together. Wallace Stevens, for example, describes the connection between human beings and space in very simple terms: "I am what surrounds me." Noël Arnaud puts it almost identically when he writes: "I am the space where I am."

Professors Mette L'orange, Hilde Hauan Johnsen and Petter Bergerud were responsible for the course.
Four guest lecturers have also been engaged: designer Daniel Rybakken (daylight), lighting designer Kristin Bredal, artist HC Gilje and philosopher Christian Lysvåg.

For the banquet room on 13 March, the students borrowed light fixtures from AVAB-CAC, Glamox Luxo Lighting, Osram and Zumtobel Lighting. The electrical firm Monsen helped with the electrical connections.

Lyskultur - the Norwegian Lighting Institute - is an association that endeavours to increase expertise in light and lighting in Norway. It is a nationwide association with regional branches and committees. Its members are leading players in the lighting industry, from lighting designers and consulting engineers to manufacturers, importers and dealers in the lighting sector.



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