"100% Norway by KHiB" in 2014

Bergen Academy of Art and Design has been invited by the Norwegian Design Council and the Norwegian embassy in London to design and curate the exhibition '100% Norway' in 2014. Professors Dave Vikøren and Petter Bergerud of the Department of Design have been appointed project managers.

The two professors are currently busy at their drawing boards in Marken 37 designing the 260 sq. m exhibition space. 'We have been invited because we have made a name for ourselves in the international design arena for several years now. Our work has been noticed. I believe we were given the '100% Norway' in 2014 assignment in recognition of our efforts,' says Dave Vikøren.

The '100 % Norway' exhibition has been an important Norwegian contribution at the annual London Design Festival. The exhibition has presented and promoted new Norwegian design and has been positively received and highly praised. It has been organised jointly by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy in London, the Norwegian Design Council, Innovation Norway and the Federation of Norwegian Industries. Since 2013, the Federation of Norwegian Industries and Innovation Norway are no longer part of the project. For 2014, the board behind 100% Norway has chosen to renew the concept, and the Norwegian Design Council and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/the Embassy in London have invited KHiB to take responsibility for the design and curating of the exhibition in 2014. This year's exhibition will be entitled '100% Norway by KHiB'.

In its artistic research, Bergen Academy of Art and Design focuses on the development of and innovation in design. Internationally, KHiB has been active in producing exhibitions that illustrate the processes behind and the results of these efforts, for example in Seoul, Helsinki and Stockholm.

A selection of student projects from the master's programmes in design offered by various educational institutions in Norway will also be included at the exhibition in order to show what our future designers are interested in. Projects from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Oslo and Akershus University College and Bergen Academy of Art and Design will be represented at the exhibition.

The deadline for submitting works for the exhibition is 15 May. The objects selected for inclusion at the exhibition will be chosen on the recommendation of a jury of professional designers.

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Published: 4/3/2014 by Astri Kamsvåg Updated: 3/19/2015 by admin