Jane Sverdrupsen Realfagbygget

Jane Sverdrupsen as an extension of the MA Degree Show in Fine Art

One of the exhibitors at the MA Degree Show in Fine Art, Jane Sverdrupsen, shows part of her exam project in Realfagbygget at the University of Bergen. This part of her project opens 17 April at 7pm.

As an extension of the Master's Exhibition 2013 Jane Sverdrupsen invites everyone to enter the abandoned biology labs at Realfagbygget.

Two laboratory installations and a surveillance video will be shown. These works, and the works situated inside Bergen Kunsthall, are the results of my Master's project at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in collaboration with Bergen University.

The project is an inquiry into the notion, development and influence of the paradigm on scientific and artistic practice. This is shown through a subjective attempt to concentrate physical material found in the abandoned biology labs; both the inventory itself and the remaining remnants of previous research activity. The scientific method is broken down to primitive actions; to treat the physical material available to me in the labs as data which I will interpret through reorganization; a process that tries to discover something new about its properties. 'Tables' and 'cabinets', with their linguistic meanings and as mere objects, are amongst the tools utilized in this context.

Opening hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 4:30pm
Saturdays from 11am - 2pm
Or by appointment on telephone: +4748106923

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