Øyvind Suul to Norwegian Sculpture Biennal 2011

Associate Professor Øyvind Suul participates with the work "Catharsis" at The Norwegian Sculpture Biennal 2011.

skulpturbiennalen-posterThe Biennal includes 29 artists and opened on 27 October 2011. This is the sixth Biennal, and this is the fourth time that the Vigeland Museum and The Association of Norwegian Sculptors collaborate on the Biennal.

Curator is Daniel Østvold. The Biennal is on until 5 February 2012. It takes place at the Vigeland museum in Nobels gate 32, Oslo.

Man and Machine
"Man / Machine" is the main theme for this years` Norwegian Sculpture Biennial. The theme refers to a current trend in Norwegian contemporary art, among established artists as well as the new generation.

The Biennial includes 29 artists, expressing themselves in a wide range of three dimensional styles. The Art works can be associated with diverse subject matter, such as industry, science fiction, computer technology and technical discoveries in general. A central issue has been to compare similarities in  industrial and artistic working processes.

Art History offer a variety on views regarding  the relationship between human beings and machinery. Presently, Futurism from the beginning of the twentieth century receives much attention in the Art world. The Futurists were the first group of artists who included industrial elements in their works. Devoid of everyday usefulness, machinery were being presented in a new context. Another early modernist trend, kinetic sculpture, are also being regarded as an important source of inspiration today. Kinetic sculpture describes how mechanical structures can generate movement, often supported by a soundtrack.

catharsis-hel-2011.jpgIn addition to the early stages of modernism, contemporary sculpture are related to science fiction, biological science, computer technology and changes within the post industrial society. The Norwegian Sculpture Biennial 2011 attempt to show how artists, in different ways, focus on these connections.

Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri, Javier Barrios, Roddy Bell, Espen Dietrichson, Marte Eknæs, Thomas Falstad, Glen Farley, Jon Gundersen, Reinhard Haverkamp, Aksel Høgenhaug, Michael Johansson, Ola Jonsrud, Jørgen Craig Lello, Tobias Arnell, Istvan Lisztes, Hanna Ljungh, Susanne Kathlen Mader, Pierre Lionel Matte, Atle Selnes Nielsen, Johannes Vemren Rygh, Kristine Roald Sandøy, Bente Sommerfeldt Colberg, Anna Daniell, Sverre Strandberg, Kjell Varvin, Ånond Versto, Sverre Wyller og Nils Aasland.

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