New candidates in the Design Inkubator 2011

Six former KHiB students are enrolled in the Design Inkubator at USF Verftet for the fall of 2011.

All the former students have a master's degree in Design from spring 2011, and will be engaged in the Incubator programme for a minimum of three years.

About the Design Inkubator
The Designinkubator is a prorgammefor newly educated designers. Potential participants have to apply, and they get a subsidized work space in the Designinkubator office at USF Verftet for maximum two years. The office is equipped with office furniture and broadband access. Also, a possibility to join classes and courses on business plans and developing enterprises including supervision on design and commercial subjects. The candidates also recieve financial support on fees for joining courses, conferences etc.

And, perhaps most importantly: they become part of an environment of other designers, all in the process of establishing businesses.

The Designinkubator is located to USF Verftet, a creative cluster with 200 people working on a daily basis in cultural and artistic enterprises such as film, design, music, art etc. The inkubator was established in august 2007.

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