Bergen Timeline - Heidi Bjørgan

Group show "Bergen Timeline 2011" with KHiB alumni

The group show “Bergen Timeline 2011” opened at Galleri Format on 28 October 2011. The exhibition is a retrospective show based on work by artists who share a history of having studied at Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB).

It has been considered taboo to blend ceramics and readymade in the ceramic tradition. In recent decades this attitude has changed completely. This theme is the subject in "Bergen timeline 2011", which opens at Galleri Format 28 October 2011 at 6.00 p.m. The inaugural speech will be held by former Rector at KHiB and Professor in Ceramics, Nina Malterud.

The exhibition demonstrates how ceramic artists have revived old and new mass produced ceramic objects. The artists present techniques and materials from industrial production as well as objects that are whole or in pieces.  The traditional material based subject ceramics now opens up to ceramic industry and popular culture. "Bergen Timeline 2011" is curated by Heidi Bjørgan. The curator Bjørgan, who is one of the members of the artist group Temp, has also been influenced by this development in ceramic art. She also studied creative curating at KHiB.

The focus on former students from Bergen National Academy of the Arts (formerly known as The State College of Art and Design) in the retrospective exhibition "Bergen Timeline 2011" refers to the key role the Academy has played in this development. In the catalogue's opening statement chief conservator at Art Museums of Bergen, Permanenten, Anne Britt Ylvisåker, raises the question: "(…) why this total transformation in Bergen, and why now?". In her tekst Ylvisåker points at the key role of ceramic artists from Bergen while Bjørgan in the exhibition presents historical references to the works of Svein Thingnes, Jens Erland and Harald Solbergs. The historical references refer to emerging tendencies from the early 70s and 80s. "Bergen Timeline 2011" mainly presents works from the two last decades, during which the biggest transformation has occurred, including references to contemporary art and works commissioned for this show.

Participating artists are: Irene Nordli, Tove Tømmerberg, Kari Skoe Fredriksen, Anne Helen Mydland, Siri Brekke, Siri Haaskjold, Toril Redalen, Caroline Slotte, Astrid Sleire and Heidi Bjørgan and the artist group Temp. All are artists who in Anne Britt Ylvisåker's words have: 

"Shamelessly (…) embraced and been inspired by materials traditional ceramics have rejected or felt threatened by for more than one hundred years (…)"

"Bergen Timeline 2011" is one of several exhibitions in Bergen focusing on redesign and recycling: Glenn Adamson at Hordaland Kunstsenter, Kjell Rylander in Rom8 and the exhibition at Galleri S12. The curator Heidi Bjørgan has also curated the international group exhibition Thing Tang Trash at Permanenten, which highlights the use of readymades/found objects.

Exhibition period
28 October - 20 November 2011.


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