MA Degree Show in Fine Art 2016

This year's MA Degree Show in Fine Art opened at Bergen Kunsthall 15 April at 20:00. The exhibition is entitled 'hex'.

Master in Fine Arts Exhibition 2016
15 April - 08 May
Bergen Kunsthall

The Bergen Academy of Art & Design and Bergen Kunsthall present hex, the exhibition of the 2016 Master in Fine Arts Program. The group consists of 25 artists from 15 countries, with a wide variety of practices. After two years of intensive questioning of their work, the world, and each other, the result is hex.

By using light and architectural interventions, hex re-configures the space of Bergen Kunsthall. A carefully choreographed system permeates the exhibition and causes a kaleidoscopic effect, keeping the show in a state of constant flux. Sounds and images appear and disappear. Every hour rooms fade from light to dark, others from dark to light, revealing artworks while giving others a new disposition. A series of events and performances take place throughout the exhibition period, some only once, others repeated in different intervals, underlining the dynamic and playful character of the show. An online discursive platform includes a live debate and text contributions from international commentators from a wide host of practices and discursive arenas.

Featured artists: Audun Alvestad, Andrew Amorim, Camilla Holm Birkeland, Peter Cleary, Eva Eich, Scott Elliott, Tim Ekberg, Georg Òskar Giannakoudakis, Courtney Grant, Rhiannon Inman-Simpson, Maria Jonsson, Kim Kvello, Johanna Balet Lettmayer, Anita Loe, Terese Longva, Kobie Nel, Sora Park, Charlotte Piene, Yafei Qi, Mekdes W. Shebeta, Tatiana Stadnichenko, Numi Thorvarsson, Arvydas Umbrasas, Raina Vlaskovska, Lin Wang.

Guest writers: Agatha Wara, Kristian Skylstad, Delphine Bedel, Erik Bünger.


Curated by Pedro Gómez-Egaña

Ma2 2016The exhibitors in the MA Degree Show in Fine Art portraited by Bjarte Bjørkum

Published: 3/30/2016 by Gard Andreas Frantzsen Updated: 4/24/2016 by Mia Kolbjørnsen