MA design 2013 plakat

MA Degree Show in Design - SUBSTANS 2013

The MA Degree Show in Design is open until 2 May at USF Verftet in Bergen.

This year's MA graduates are putting diversity on the agenda in more ways than one. Not just because their projects are diverse - a valuable trait in itself - but also because they are designing for a wide and varied audience. The projects are primarily examples of how design thinking can spur change, and of the value of novel thinking.

Challenging established truths is both refreshing and a necessary contribution to development and new impulses. Seeking new ways of framing questions is another defining feature of this year's MA graduates' design perspective.

Public health, migration, deforestation, redesign, sustainable communities, universal design and visual identity are some of the topics the MA exam projects deal with.

This year's exhibition takes place on a new arena: USF Verftet in Bergen. Exhibition architects are Siv Lier and Lene Utbjoe.

These students exhibit:

Specialising in Furniture and Spatial Design/Interior Architecture:
Cathrin Tenfjord Ekornåsvåg, Karoline Løken Helland, Kine Hetland, Veronica Møgster, Mikael Pedersen, Jorunn Rage, Hanne Kari Ravndal, Synnøve Sandøy, Elizaveta Sukholovskaia, Daniel N.Turco, Berit Katrine Aasbø.

Specialising in Visual Communication:
Nevena Djokic, Knut Harald Longva, Raquel Marques, Ingar Midtbø, Sasa Milic, Kelly Sullan.

Welcome to the MA Degree Show in Design at Bergen Academy of Art and Design 2013!

Opening: Friday 19 April 2013 at 6pm by Leif Steven Verdu-Isachsen, Norsk Form
Exhibition period: 19 April - 2 May
Venue: USF Verftet (Visningsrommet), Georgenes Verft 12, Bergen

The United Sardine Factory (USF) is located at the Georgernes Verft in Bergen. This old factory was once the largest cannery in Norway. Now, USF is a multiple cultural arena, unique in size and variety. Arts and culture are produced, organised and presented in several forms and genres.

Download hi-resolution photos and read more about each project here:

Bilder fra pressevisningen Masterutstillingen i design, Substans 2013