MA Degree Show in Design 2015

The Master exhibition in design 2015 'Losing Touch?' opened for the public at USF Verftet Friday 8 May.

- Culture, art and design should be the basic premise for all of society, said chief of culture in Hordaland County, Anna Elisa Tryti, who was the main speaker at the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition is the tenth from Bergen Academy of Art and design, since the first graduation exhibition in 2006. Recently, the Bergen Academy was featured as one of the best design schools in the world by the British newspaper The Guardian.

This year's master exhibition is named 'Losing touch?'. The title points to trends in social development the students are concerned about. They ask if  we in our digital age are in danger of losing touch with parts of reality. It can be physical things that disappear, like banknotes, paper tickets or people meeting eachother. A common feature of the projects this year is that they are design solutions that in various ways are means to make contact.

Visit the 'Losing Touch?' website for furhter information about the different projects

These students exhibit:

Specialising in Furniture and Spatial Design/ Interior Architecture:

Stine Knudsen Aas, Charlotte Lande Andersen, Marianne Brattebø, Caroline Langfeldt Carlsen, Isabelle Gelot, Jonas Loddengaard Henriksen, Marie Hovengen Møller, Svein Petter Knudsen, Hedda Torgersen

Specialising in Visual Communication:

Daniel August Askeland, Balder Dysthe, Henriette Hukset, Magnus Nyquist, Sofie Mietke Rasmussen, Ann-Kristin Stølan, Sandra Marie Stølen

Opening: 8 May 2015 at 17.30pm

Venue: USF Verftet, Georgenes Verft 12, Bergen

Exhibiton period: 8 - 19 May

Images from the opening:

Published: 6/4/2015 by Mia Kolbjørnsen Updated: 5/19/2016 by Gard Andreas Frantzsen