Masterutstillingen i design åpning

MA Degree Show in Design 2014

The exhibition opened on 2 May at USF Verftet! A common feature for the projects is that they are reactions to social challenges and comment on trends in today's society, and they suggest specific solutions to the challenges. The exhibition is open till 15 May.

The projects have been developed through courageous and inquisitive investigations with a basic understanding of human nature, needs, sensuality and functionality as their point of departure. Through the projects, the candidates reflect on issues such as multi functional furniture, informal settlement, wayfinding, everyday objects, consciousness on natural diversity, recreation, interhuman relationships, digital life and the designer's role.
This year's graduates from the MA study programme in Design at Bergen Academy of Art and Design are the most international ever with 15 students from seven countries, among others from Iceland and Indonesia.

These students exhibit:

Specialising in Furniture and Spatial Design / Interior Architecture:
Pernille Akselsen, Anna Birna Björnsdóttir, Natasha Bendiksen Crona, Anna Guseva, Elisabeth Våpenstad Holm, Silje Nesdal, Marte Straalberg.
Specialising in Visual Communication:
Listya Amelia, Alessandro Degli Angioli, Derek Ercolano, Vidar Flak, Christine Johannessen, Tord Torpe, Terje Vestervik, Yilei Wang.

Opening: Friday 2 May 2013 at 6 pm
Exhibition period: 2 May - 15 May
Venue: USF Verftet (Visningsrommet), Georgenes Verft 12, Bergen 

Opening hours
Monday - Wednesday: 11am - 17pm
Thursday - Friday: 11 am - 8pm
Saturday - Sunday: 12 noon - 5pm

Go to the exhibition's own web site to learn more about each project.

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The United Sardine Factory (USF) is located at the Georgernes Verft in Bergen. This old factory was once the largest cannery in Norway. Now, USF is a multiple cultural arena, unique in size and variety. Arts and culture are produced, organised and presented in several forms and genres.


MA Degree Show in Design 2014 - images from the opening

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