Illustrasjonsbilde MA design 2012

MA Degree Show in Design 2012 - Substans: "Designing human interaction"

This year’s exhibition showcases design projects which are all centered on human interaction.

This year's graduating students from the MA of Design programme were admitted at Bergen National Academy of the Arts, but graduate from Bergen Academy of Art and Design. The name-change in February of this year defines the Academy's entire programme - in design as well as art. The exhibition of this year's MA graduates illustrates what design can be in a world of change.

The graduates are strongly aware of their designer roles. Solidly grounded in their personal identities, they empathize with the lives of others or bridge the gap between new technologies and human needs. Many projects discuss and review our society's blind spots; issues we are reluctant to address or prioritize; environmental issues, marginalized groups and human vulnerability.

  • How can an audio visual narrative increase acceptance of trans-persons?
  • What would Wikipedia's design look like adapted to tablets and smart-phones?
  • How can impairments to sight and hearing affect perception of functionality and ambience of spaces?
  • In which ways may furniture design improve awareness of the environmental consequences of our consumer society?

These are some of the issues our graduating design masters from Bergen Academy of Art and Design have investigated in their MA projects.

Exhibition opening: 18 April at 6 pm
Exhibition period: 18-29 April, 2012
Venue: Art Museums of Bergen - city centre; Permanenten, Nordahl Bruns gate 9, Bergen
Opening hrs: Tue - Sun 11 am - 5 pm.

Our exhibiting graduates:

Specialization furniture and spatial design/interior architecture:

Ingunn Eikeland, Silje Mari Eiternes, Jonas B. Evensen, Karoline Grepperud, Mari Hjelle, Maria Kjærgård, Vera Kleppe, Åshild Kyte, Gerd Leiros.

Specialization visual communication:

Silvija Galiauskaite, Marius Hauken, Jørgen Håland, Annette Kristiansen, Katharina Messey, Robin Sandborg.

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Published: 4/12/2012 by Peter Klasson Updated: 6/4/2015 by Mia Kolbjørnsen