Skyvelære Galleri 3,14

Programme for Research Fellowships in the Arts

The Norwegian Government has decided to initiate a new recruitment programme for higher education in the arts. The Programme for Research Fellowships in the Arts will be an equivalent to academic Phd programmes.

The scheme will enable artistic research and development work of a high quality and will be considered as qualification for the academic post of Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor. This is one of the first programmes of its kind in Europe.

The programme offers candidates who have completed their arts education at the highest available level (normally MA) the opportunity for a three year funded fellowship. The fellowship will be attached to one of the Norwegian educational institutions offering higher education in one or more of the creative and performing arts. The Fellows will also participate in an interdisciplinary programme across the boundaries of individual projects and artistic practices. Candidates who are able to secure adequate funding from other sources may also apply to the programme. The Programme for Research Fellowships in The Arts is administered by Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen.

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Image: Ellen Røed, Skyvelære/Processing Change (2013). Ellen Røed´s final exhibition concluding her research fellowship, shown at Gallery 3,14 Bergen June-August 2013.