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Rom8 for Artistic Research

Rom8 is a conduit for development, discussion and presentation of artistic research at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Rom8 is a 100 m2 space located at street level in the city centre.

The space is used to develop and communicate processes and experiments with a particular focus on dialogue and critical reflection. The intention of Rom8 is to actively lift out processes of artistic research and allow sharing of knowledge both internally and externally.

The location of Rom8 is at Vaskerelven 8, 5014 Bergen


9-19 January: 'Indisciplinary Behaviour' 
Dr Alistair Payne, Head of the School of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art

21 January-1 February: 'Pictogram-me'
Ahley Booth, Professor and Linda Lien, Associate Professor, Department of Design, KHiB

6-14 February: '...when people get to the end there's always the brick...'
A Research Based Learning project with Lasse Arikstad, Maria Magdi Gabraiel, Maria Jonsson, Henrik Koppen - KHiB students from Department of Fine Art and Richard Launder, Associate Professor Ceramics & Clay, Department of Fine Art, KHiB

27 February-2 March: 'Topographies of Colour'
Tone Saastad, Associate Professor of Textiles, Department of Fine Art, KHiB

14-16 March: 'Dirty Ear Froum: Sound, Multiplicity and Radical Listening'

19-23 March: Borealisfestival 2014
Alistair Zaldua 'leiden translations'
Susan Haire & Stephen Dydo 'as above so below'

27-30 March: 'Eg prøver å hugse deg'

3-13 April: 'Work Study'

24-27 April: 'The fact of the matter is'

14-18 May: BA Degree Show/Visual Communication, Department of Design


23 May-1 June 'Not storytelling, but story changing'


Bergen Academy of Art and Design
Vaskerelven 8, Bergen

Weekdays 2-6 pm
Weekends 12-4pm
Mondays Closed

Please note that every presentation can have individual opening hours!




28 August-7 September: Eamon O´Kane, Professor Visual Art, Department of Fine Art KHiB

11-21 September: Frode Ljøkjell, Research Fellow, KHiB

26 September- 6 October: RAFF Designweek+KHiB

9-19 October: Octoberdans+KHiB

23 October-2 November: Haptic Matters

5-9 November: Visibility Seminar

13-23 November: Design Based Society Development: Bente Irminger & Linda Lien, Associate Professors, Department of Design, KHiB

27 November-7 December: Jannecke Heien, Assistant Professor Teachers Training, KHiB

11-21 December: Richard Launder, Associate Professor, Department of Fine Art, KHiB




31 August- 27 October: 'Monday Begins on Saturday', Bergen Assembly

6-17 November: 'Art in the Urban Context'

20 November-1 December: Alan Murray, Edinburgh: 'Mixing Business and Pleasure: Performance of an Artist'

4 December-22 December: Annette Kireulf, Caroline Kierulf, Rita Marhaug, Odd Melseth, Herbert Wiegand - 'Wer zu spät kommt...' Printmaking, Department of Fine Art


10 January: Brandon LaBelle: Performance: 'Diary of an Imaginary Egyptian'

21-23 January: Duncan Higgins & Johan Sandborg: 'In a Place Like This'
                      at the Sensuous Knowledge7 21-23 January 2013, Conference on Artistic Research

31 January-3 February: 'Along The Way/Sidewalks'

4-10 February: Hilde Hauan Johnsen & Maia Urstad: 'Horizon'

14-19 February: Charles Michalsen: 'Å favne lys/To Harbour Light'

22 February-3 March: Mette L´orange: "Who´s afraid of red and blue?"

8-10 March: "The Manhattan Syndrome" - A performative event exploring notation"
                     In Collaboration with the Borealis Festival 6-10 March 2013

13-27 March: Herbert Wiegandt & Paul Scott: "Dish Horizon"

6 April: Kjersti Sundland: "Temporal Undercurrents-exploring cinesensory space"

11-14 April: Sturla Heggdalsvik: 'I Have Conquered Death with Magic'

17-28 April: Nina Malterud: New work

10-14 May: Bachelor Degree Show

22 May-2 June: Traci Kelly & Rita Marhaug

3 June-16 June: 'The Stitch Project: An international art collaboration between dialogue, politics, crafts and action'.


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