Heli Rekula - Untitled (in between, diptych) 2011

Strategy for artistic research

Bergen Academy of Art and Design is a stimulating and energetic environment for developing new ideas and knowledge.

STIMULATING, Experimental, Vibrant and Grounded

Bergen Academy of Art and Design

    • challenges established practices and is innovative in art and design.
    • generates quality by focusing on processes and results.
    • stimulates the creation and sharing of knowledge.
    • innovates and initiates while promoting critical reflection.
    • endeavours to further develop a strong artistic and academic environment through dialogue and cooperation  as well as through the targeted recruitment of highly-qualified academic staff.
    • defines overriding themes and develops projects that include members of the academic staff, research fellows, students and external partners.
    • ensures close collaboration between artistic research and research in art and design.
    • contributes to the development and quality of the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.
    • contributes to the formulation of agenda in international debates.
    • is a  visibly profiled participant in international projects.

From Bergen Academy of Art and Design's Strategy Plan 2012-2016,
Read the strategy plan

Image: Heli Rekula, Untitled (in between) (2012).
Heli Rekula is Professor of Photography at the Department of Fine Art, Bergen Academy of Art and Design.




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