Skyvelære Galleri 3,14

Processing Change

In the Artistic Research project 'Processing Change' research fellow Ellen Røed develops artistic work reflecting on devices and procedures that are used in video art and in natural sciences between the environment and representations of it.

Ellen Røed considers relationships between representation, such as quantified data and images, and various levels of activities and agencies involved in creating such representations of the environment; field trips, story telling, taking pictures, gathering or capturing of data, measuring, calibrating. The research is conducted in and through the practice and process of making art.

The artistic focus has been on considering practices in the natural sciences and video art that involve a situated engagement with the world through instruments that act as an extension of the body, and that aim at making process manifest. While notions of site, performance, and apparatus have been explored, the practice of negotiating and tuning has turned out to be the most essential activity in the relationships considered. Various levels of negotiations involved in making art and in making science have been juxtaposed through composition and image making as well as practical experimentations with devices, such as adjusting vertical and horizontal spatial relationships, finding the position of the sun or exploiting the conditions of a camera.

Ellen Røed has a direct, hands-on approach in the interaction with devices such as cameras. Taking into account how certain tasks in the sciences, e.g., calibration, require a hands-on approach she has considered the gestures performed and the representations produced through working with the hands as well as through making automated devices. Gestures have also been considered representations in themselves. Formal aspects (formula, standards, and procedures) have been considered in relation to informal elements, like randomness and improvisation. Throughout the project Ellen Røed has also explored aspects of abstraction, rhythm, process, point, connotations and sound and image relationships.


Image: Ellen Røed, "Skyvelære", final exhibition part of artistic research project Processing Change. Installation shot Gallery 3,14, Bergen, June 2013

Published: 6/28/2013 by Cecilia Gelin Updated: 8/17/2015 by Gard Andreas Frantzsen