Artistic Research Projects

Bergen Academy of Art and Design is systematically focusing to stimulate discussions that challenge the boundaries for artistic research in art and design.

KHiB has an external Committee for Artistic Research considering applications from academic staff for artistic research and publication funds, as well as applications for the Project Programme under the direction of the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme and other relevant artistic research initiatives.

The committee for artistic research is an advisory body for the KHiB management and consists of seven members with external majority. The members come from relevant European art and design education with a focus on artistic research. This ensures KHiB an international level on the artistic research. The Committee for Artistic Research  is an advisory body for KHiB's management and normally holds award meetings twice a year.

In the right column you find more information on artistic research projects that KHiB has supported, processed and quality assessed by the external committee for artistic research.


Image: Mette L' orange: From exhibition 'Who's afraid of red and blue?' at Rom8 for artistic research, February 2013.
Mette L'orange is Professor at Department of Design, Bergen Academy of Art and Design.