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Actionplan for Artistic Research 2013-2014

To attain the goals of Bergen Academy of Art and Design's strategyplan 2012-2016 an actionplan is developed every year.

Artistic Research and staff development
Ensure that regular staff development seminars are held throughout the year in order to promote greater understanding of artistic research and critical reflection in the institution. Responsibility: rector, prorector, senior adviser for the professional development of academic staff - four times a year (start-up & time out). The deans (and the heads of artistic research) of the departments throughout the year. Focus on and follow-up of staff members' artistic research in the artistic research groups in the department and in individual work plans.

Research Fellows
Continue the good processes for recruitment and the development of applications for The Research Fellowship Programme. Organise regular meetings for research fellows at the institution. The research fellows are integrated in the artistic research groups at the institution to ensure dialogue and an exchange of critical reflection, in both art and design.

Ensure formal internal follow-up of research fellows' projects: agreements, reporting, registration and other milestones. Organise six-monthly meetings for KHiB's supervisors in the programme.

The Fellowship Programme
Continue to participate in and contribute to the common parts of the programme. Contribute by organising courses for research fellows at the national level in line with the division of labour decided for the programme based on the requirements in the qualification framework.

Secure funds for Artistic Research and application processes
Continue to make provisions for artistic research projects, research and publications in the annual budgets. Develop a good and informative overview in order to ensure better application processes for funding for internal competence-raising measures, projects, artistic research, and research and publication.

Improve processes for applying to The Project Programme under the direction of the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme and other external sources of funding.

The Artistic Research Committee
Appoint a new external international committee for artistic research in March 2013 for the period 2013 to 2017.

Peer Review
Establish a pool of peer reviewers for publications.

Further develop Rom8 as an exhibition and discussion venue for artistic research work. Further development of KHiB's website. Active dissemination of artistic research work by academic staff. Develop a newsletter module to make distribution of KHiB News easier.

Registration of Artistic Research work
Follow up the work on registering artistic research in a professionally adequate manner in CRIStin. Start KHiB's registration in CRIStin when the system can satisfactorily accommodate our subject areas. Registration in CRIStin will not start until 2014.

Start the process of developing an archive of documentation and dissemination of artistic research (knowledge archive) that will be linked to CRIStin. The work will begin in 2013 and the archive will be ready for use in 2015.

Sensuous Knowledge
Further develop the Sensuous Knowledge (SK) conference based on experience of SK7.


Image: Kari Dyrdal, 'Harness & Board' (2010). 160 x 312 cm, cotton-paperyarn.
Kari Dyrdal is Professor in Texiles at the Department of Fine Art, Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

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