Artistic Research at KHiB

The Universities and University Colleges Act of 1995 equates Artistic Research with Scientific Research. The ambition of Bergen Academy of Art and Design is to strengthen its artistic research to a high international level.

Heli Rekula - Untitled (in between, diptych) 2011

Strategy for artistic research

Bergen Academy of Art and Design is a stimulating and energetic environment for developing new ideas and knowledge.


Artistic Research Projects

Bergen Academy of Art and Design is systematically focusing to stimulate discussions that challenge the boundaries for artistic research in art and design.

Skyvelære Galleri 3,14

The Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme

The Norwegian Government has decided to initiate a new recruitment programme for higher education in the arts. The Programme for Research Fellowships in the Arts will be an equivalent to academic Phd programmes.



Bergen Academy of Art and Design actively supports and promotes artistic research. Among other measures, we support publications originating from our subject areas.


Research Fellows at KHiB

There are eight Research Fellows working at Bergen Academy of Art and Design connected to the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme per November 2012.

Rom8 kveldstid


Rom8 is a conduit for development, discussion and presentation of artistic research at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Rom8 is a 100 m2 space located at street level in the city centre.