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Here, you can see what positions are advertised at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Welcome as an applicant!

Our list of vacancies is regularly updated and provides information on all available positions. You will find job description specifications of what professional traits we look for with applicants. Please note that applicants must use the online application form at

Click here for the latest available positions (some are only in Norwegian): Vacancies at KHiB

How to apply to an academic position:

The application must include:

  1. A letter of application in which you describe your design/art interests, your motivation for applying to the position, and your intentions and goals for the fixed-term appointment. It is important that you clarify your standpoint in relation to the subject area and set out your view on the subject area's positions and possibilities.
  2. An overview of your education and relevant work experience (CV).
  3. Certified copies of diplomas and relevant certificates/references
  4. Artistic and academic works (documentation) that you want to be taken into account in the assessment (no more than 15 attachments) and a list of these works.

Send the application, CV, diplomas, certificates/references and documentation electronically to Bergen Academy of Art and Design via the link 'Apply for this job'. 

Upload all the attachments as separate files. If the attachments total more than 15 MB, you will have to compress them before you upload them.

We send the applications to the expert committee in electronic form. The expert committee assesses and ranks the applications on the basis of the principle of qualification. The expert assessment is based on the description of the subject area and area of responsibility given in the advertisement text (detailed description of the position) and on other formal qualification requirements for professor and associate professor positions. The assessment will be based on your documented academic or artistic competence, and will be assessed on the basis of the information you upload in jobbnorge.

If you need technical assistance, contact jobbnorge support at (+47) 75 54 22 20


Published: 1/27/2012 by Peter Klasson Updated: 8/17/2015 by Gard Andreas Frantzsen