KHiBnews 15 May 2014


Gerd Tinglum new Rector at KHiB
Students and staff at KHiB have elected Gerd Tinglum as the new Rector from 1 August 2014. Read an interview with KHiB's new Rector for the period 2014-2019.

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The BA degree show at KHiB 2014 14-18/19 May
The annual BA Degree Show at Bergen Academy of Art and Design takes place in four different galleries and showrooms in the city centre from 14 to 18 and 19 May 2014. Approximately 60 candidates show their exam projects.
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'MEAGHEA SKKLL RKGM MAH TNCA' - The MA Degree Show in Fine Art 2014
This year the MA Degree Show in Fine Art at Bergen Kunsthall presented the work of 23 artists entering the final stages of the two-year study programme at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. The work exhibited encompasses a wide range of artistic practice including painting, sculpture, film, animation, photography, installation, sound and performance. This exhibition may be understood as a collective portrait of a group of emerging artists who have spent a crucial period of their development in each other's company. These graduates come from diverse professional backgrounds, cultures, and different experiences. This exhibition provides a glimpse into the practice of these 23 artists at a pivotal point in their careers.
Place: Bergen Kunsthall, Rasmus Meyers allé 5
Exhibition period: 11 April - 4 May 2014
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The MA Degree Show in Design 2014
A common feature for the projects is that they are reactions to social challenges and comment on trends in today's society, and they suggest specific solutions to the challenges.

The projects have been developed through courageous and inquisitive investigations with a basic understanding of human nature, needs, sensuality and functionality as their point of departure. Through the projects, the candidates reflect on issues such as multi functional furniture, informal settlement, way finding, everyday objects, consciousness on natural diversity, recreation, inter-human relationships, digital life and the designer's role.

This year's graduates from the MA study programme in Design at Bergen Academy of Art and Design are the most international ever with 20 students from eight countries, among others from Iceland and Indonesia.

Exhibition period:2 - 15 May
Venue: USF Verftet (Visningsrommet), Georgernes Verft 12, Bergen

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L'orange and Michalsen contribute to Cumulus conference in Aveiro

Mette L'orange, Professor at The Department of design, participates with the paper 'Approaches to colour in architecture and design', she also contributed to the publication 'Mobility and Design', 2014. Charles Michalsen, Associate Professor at the Department of Design, participates with the paper 'Shifting education and responsible citizenship'.
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Mette L'orange:
Approaches to colour in architecture and design                 
The discourse of Polychromy: Teaching colour today


A persistent 'chromophobia' (colour refusal) has for decades characterised contemporary architecture. However, there is now a growing international interest in architectural polychromy through new technology, materials and coloured lighting. New generations can be expected to be attuned to the current trends. It is, however, important to ask whether the fascination for new technology leads to any deeper understanding of colour as a phenomenon, including dimensions such as psychology, neurology and sustainability. It is also important to ensure a personal, local and site-specific approach to colour to prevent global trends from leading to fragmentation, superficiality and loss of environmental identity. A renewed debate on architectural colour is overdue. Marginalisation of this discourse has led to greatly reduced colour teaching and a lack of inspiration among design students. This paper discusses how this inspiration and knowledge can be regained. 

Key words: Colour; Chromophobia; Education; Multidisciplinary; Past/Future; Le Corbusier.

Read Professor Mette L'orange's paper 'Approaches to colour in architecture and design' here

Charles Michalsen:
Shifting education and responsible citizenship.
The Art of Reverse Fabrication

From Waste to Taste.
From Mass-produced to Unique.
From Industrial Design to Art.
Why create new ideas when an original can be transformed from man-made into unique?

Upcycling - from Waste to Taste

The Reverse Fabrication project concerned the idea of improving the quality of 'a faulty product. Upcycling takes this idea further, transforming the idea and adding value.

Upcycling is more of an analytical and conceptual process that can also be an artistic action, whose aim is to increase the value of a given product and to transform a faulty mass-produced product into a unique item and designer piece.

1. How can ordinary and banal materials become a resource?
2. Can one expression (a ready-made) contain infinitely many, other expressions?

This also raises questions about what original and unique mean.

Read Associate Professor Charles Michalsen's paper 'Shifting education and responsible citizenship' here


Rom8 is a conduit for development, discussion and presentation of artistic research at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Rom8 is a 100 m2 space located at street level in the city centre. The space is used to develop and communicate processes and experiments with a particular focus on dialogue and critical reflection. The intention of Rom8 is to actively lift out processes of artistic research and allow sharing of knowledge both internally and externally.
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SYNSMASKINEN is a new performance-group established by the Danish artist Frans Jacobi, professor of performance and time-based art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, KHiB. The performance TONIGHT:) will be performed live at Rom8 Friday 23 May, between16 and 20. The following week Rom8 will be an open research lab for SYNSMASKINEN.
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Rom8: Not story telling, but story changing
Using design to highlight the opportunities, mobilise the locals and realize the ideas - at Laksevåg. An exhibition about Laksevåg, the people living there and their dreams for the future, and how some of the dreams might come true by Linda Lien and Bente Irminger. Rom8 is open from 6 to 29 June.
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Research Fellow Hildur Bjarnadóttir: 'Mapping a Piece of Land'

Research Fellow Hildur Bjarnadóttir shows 'Mapping a Piece of Land', part of her on-going artistic research project 'Textiles in the Expanded Field of Painting' 22 May till 28 June at Hverfisgalleri, Reykjavik, Iceland.
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Research Fellow Michelle Teran: 'Future Guides: From Information to Home'

Research fellow Michelle Teran presents the final results of her artistic research project 'Future Guides: From Information to Home'' at the USF Verftet exhibition space and Cinemateket in Bergen. The exhibition will run from 4-13 September 2014.
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BERGEN ACADEMY OF ART AND DESIGN (KHiB)in Norway offers BA and MA study programmes in Fine Art and in Design in addition to further education and life-long learning. KHiB also has research fellows in the Fellowship Programme under the direction of The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (PhD level). KHiB is organised in two departments - The Department of Fine Art and The Department of Design - Furniture- and Spatial design/Interior architecture and Visual Communication. In addition, there is a part-time study programme in Curating and a one-year course in Practical Pedagogical Education. KHiB has ca 330 students and around 100 members of staff.

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