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Sensuous Knowledge 7 'Ta(l)king Place'
With this year's conference, the 7th in the row, The Sensuous Knowledge Conference came to town 21 - 23 January 2013 and moved directly into the contemporary art world. A unique collaboration between The Art Museums of Bergen and Bergen Academy of Art and Design formed the context for the conference taking place within the precincts of the art museum, with working groups surrounded by exhibits from the current shows. Close to 90 delegates from ten different countries and 36 representatives from higher arts institutions and the museum sector gathered in interdisciplinary groups for three days to participate and focus on discourses and critical reflection about artistic and museum research.
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Committee for Artistic Research 2013 - 2017
The Committee for Artistic Research has a key role in the development and quality assurance of artistic research at the institution. The Committee for Artistic Research considers applications from academic staff for artistic research and publication funds, as well as applications for the Project Programme under the direction of the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme and other relevant artistic research initiatives.
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Artistic Research projects at Bergen Academy of Art and Design
We are proud to announce that one of KHiB's artistic research projects yet again has received funding from The
Project Programme under the direction of the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme. The project Pictogram-Me received funding the first year grants were given in 2011, the project Re: place received funding in 2012 and now in 2013 'Topographies of the Obsolete: Exploring the Site Specific and Associated Histories of Post-Industry', led by professor Anne Helen Mydland. The focus of the project is on the landscape of post industry, explored through artistic research projects taking its point of departure in workshops/residencies in the closed Spode Factory site in Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom. This site offers multi-faceted scope for creative interpretation through its socio-economic histories, industrial architecture, production and material remnants. External partners 
are: The British Ceramics Biennial; The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen; Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Kiel; Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham;
 University of Newcastle, Newcastle;
 Buckinghamshire New University, Buckinghamshire; Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield.
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'Re: place' seminar: 'Place in Sound and Music' 2-3 May 2013
'Re: place' is a collaborative research project in which the notion of 'place' is investigated through a range of artistic practices including moving image, installation, photography, sound, text and performance. The project is an investigation of (relationships between) place, time and memory as manifested in artistic works exploring image, sound, text - or combinations of these. 'Re: place' is a collaboration between Bergen Academy of Art and Design, KHIB; The Avademy of Fine Art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, KHiO; The Grieg Academy Institute of Music, University of Bergen; Center of Electronic Arts (BEK), Atelier Nord; and Kino Kino, Center for contemporary art and film in Sandnes. The project started October in 2012.
Seminar: 'Place in Sound and Music'
The second 'Re: place' seminar examines how issues of place are being negotiated in contemporary sound and music, and questions how this resembles or differs from the dealing with place in fine arts. EXternal contributors to the seminar are: Pete Stollery, Daniela Cascella, Jan Schacher, Gerhard Eckel og Natasha Barett. Participants in the 'Re: place' project will also use the workshop for further planning of the upcoming exhibition at KinoKino and Sandnes kunstforening, and discussions on how to proceed on the issue of critical reflection within the project.
Venue: The Grieg Academy, Institute of Music, University of Bergen 2 - 3 May 2013. The seminar is closed, open only to invited participants.
Concert: Concert with work by Pete Stollery, Ross Whyte and Suk-Jun Kim and reading by Daniela Cascella. Landmark 2 May 8pm.
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'Pictogram-me: A Visualization of a Difficult Life'
The project 'Pictogram-me' aims to experiment and investigate whether pictograms which, are normally accepted as simple and not very flexible visual messages, can express complex social messages. The target is to develop pictograms that encourage the viewer to reflect on human existence and moral values, thus inspiring new philosophical perspectives. ' Pictogram-me' is a collaborative project between Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, University of Oslo and Dagbladet. The project started in 2011.
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Rom8 is a conduit for development, discussion and presentation of artistic research at Bergen Academy of Art and
Design. Rom8 is a 100 m2 space located at street level in the city centre. The space is used to develop and communicate processes and experiments with a particular focus on dialogue and critical reflection. The intention of Rom8 is to actively lift out processes of artistic research and allow sharing of knowledge both internally and externally.
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Sturla Heggdalsvik: 'I have Conquered Death with Magic' in Rom8
Sturla Heggdalsvik investigates systems of language, symbols and colour and combines them with his subjective knowledge of cultural phenomena. The exhibition at Rom8 will feature works made during his yearlong stay in the Bergen Academy of Art and Design's studio space at USF Verftet in 2012/13 that he was awarded when finalizing his BA Degree in Fine Art in 2012. 'I have Conquered Death with Magic' in Rom8, opening at 6pm on 11 April. Exhibition period: 11 - 14 April 2013. Exhibition opening 11 April 6 - 8pm.
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Nina Malterud to show new work in Rom8
Nina Malterud's exhibition features a series of ceramic dishes based on the dish as an open form, related to function and action, but also as image. Discussion about the work 
between professor Gerd Tinglum, KHiB, and professor Nina Malterud, Rom8 at 6pm, Wednesday 24 April. NB The discussion will be held in Norwegian.
Work by Nina Malterud will also be on show in Format in Bergen from 19 April to 9 June in parallel with the exhibition in Rom8.
Exhibition period: 17 - 28 April 2013. Exhibition opening 17 April 6 - 8pm.
Discussion about the work: 
Between professor Gerd Tinglum, KHiB, and professor Nina Malterud, Rom8 at 6pm, Wednesday 24 April.
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KHiB collaborating with Bergen Assembly - a triennial exhibition - in Rom8
 'Monday Begins on Saturday' 31 August - 27 October 2013, is a critical meditation on the potentials and pitfalls of the ever more ubiquitous yet at the same time elusive notion of artistic research. Convenors for the triennial 2013 are Ekaterina Degot, art historian, critic and curator based in Moscow, and David Riff, artist, writer and curator based in Moscow and Berlin. 
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Frans Jacobi is awarded the Eckersberg medal 
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark has awarded Professor Frans Jacobi the Eckersberg Medal for his artistic work. Frans Jacobi is Professor In Time based Art at the Department of Fine Art at KHiB.
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Two works by Ingrid Aarset purchased by museums 
Two of the textile works that Associate Professor Ingrid Aarset exhibited in Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum are purchased by respectively the Norwegian National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design and by the Art Museums of Bergen.
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Workshop with Guerilla Girls and seminar on activism 
The event series '100 år!' is arranging a seminar in strategies in Feminist and Human Rights Activism 9 and 10 April 2013. Assistant Professor Heidi Nikolaisen is one of the initiators. 
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Kjersti Sundland exhibits at Hå gamle prestegard
Kjersti Sundland, Assistant Professor in New media, shows in 'Looking Backwards - Recording Now' together with Torunn Skjelland at Hå gamle prestegard outside Stavanger till 14 April 2013. 
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Aarset, Thomassen & Farias in the touring exhibition 'Wireless Textiles'
Assistant Professor Ingrid Aarset shows work together with the two Masterstudents in Fine Art Mirjam Raen Thomassen and Kiyoshi Yamamoto Farias, at the touring exhibition 'Wireless textile' at art centers in Buskerud, Vestfold and Østfold till 14 April 2013. 
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Jannecke Heien in one-night event at Trykkeriet in Bergen 
Assistant Professor Jannecke Heien shows new silkscreen and digital prints at a one-night-event 20 april 8pm 2013. 
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Kiyoshi Yamamoto Farias at The Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2013
Two works by Kiyoshi Yamamoto Farias, Masterstudent in Fine Art, have been selected for The Spring Exhibition 2013 at Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, the exhibition is open till 12 May 2013. 
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Hedvig Sønstabø Thorkildsen to NEU/NOW Live Festival 2013
Hedvig Sønstabø Thorkildsen, graduating MA student in Fine art, have been selected to exhibit at the NEU/NOW Festival 2013 in Amsterdam from 22 July. Two works by Hedvig Sønstabø Thorkildsen have been selected, one for the Live Festival and the other for the On-line Festival. 
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Jeremy Welsh in 'Positions in Norwegian Video Art' 
Dean and professor Jeremy Welsh shows the videowork 'I.O.D.' in the group show 'PARADOX: Positions in Norwegian Video Art 1980-2010' at the National Museum -Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo till 18 August 2013. 
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Kamilla Mathisen showing sculptures at the Nordnorsken exhibition 
Two works by Kamilla S. Mathisen, who is now in her third year of the BA Programme in Fine Art specialising in ceramics, have been accepted for the 67th Nordnorske kunstutstilling, the annual exhibition for artists from Northern Norway. The show is touring the three northern regions in Norway will 8 December 2013. 
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11 design students showcased prototypes at Scandinavia's most important furniture fair
For the tenth year in a row BA students at Bergen Academy of Art and Design qualified to showcase their furniture at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. This is the most important arena for furniture producers and designers in Scandinavia. The fair took place in February 2013. 
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EU project funding to KHiB for the NEU/NOW Festival 
A new period for the NEU/NEW Festival has just secured by receiving funding for the next two years. This was the only Norwegian project that received funding from The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) which is responsible for the management of certain parts of the EU's programmes in the fields of education, culture and audiovisual. Project Leader at KHiB is Rector Paula Crabtree. 
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MA Degree Show in Fine Art: 'The Master's Exhibition 2013'    
'The Master's Exhibition 2013' takes place at Bergen Kunsthall from 12 April - 5 May 2013.
Participants: Daniela Ramos Arias - Fredrik Berberg - Tora Endestad Bjørkheim - Marit Tunestveit Dyre - Ingrid Eikhaugen - Johannes Engelsen Espedal - Kiyoshi Yamamoto Farias - Johnny Herbert - Susi Law Wai Shan - Veronica Rebecca Johansen - Kerstin Juhlin - Gabriel Johann Kvendseth - Kristin Runarsdottir - Erik Sjödin - Ellen Henriette Suhrke - Hedvig Sønstabø Thorkildsen - Mirjam Raen Thomassen - Jane Sverdrupsen - Trine Hylander Friis.
Opening: 12 April 2013 at 8pm
Venue: Bergen Kunsthall, Rasmus Meyers Allé 5, Bergen 
Exhibition period: 12 April - 5 May 2013 
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MA Seminar in Fine Art 2013: 'Something is at stake' 
How do discursive environments affect the way in which knowledge is produced and transferred and in what way do they impact the manner in which practices are performed and subjectivities shaped? There are norms, standards and formats dominating the scene of knowledge production and transfer today - what are the alternatives?
Moderator:Jan Verwoert
Invited guests: Claire Doherty, Ánde Somby, Gitte Villesen 
Date: Monday April 29, 10am - 4pm 
Venue: Landmark, Bergen 
Language: English
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MA Degree Show in Design: 'SUBSTANS 2013' 
The annual MA Degree Show for opens on 19 April and is on till 2 May at USF Verftet. The candidates are:
Specialising in Furniture and Spatial Design/Interior Architecture:  Cathrin Tenfjord Ekornåsvåg, Karoline Løken Helland, Kine Hetland, Veronica Møgster, Mikael Pedersen, Jorunn Rage, Hanne Kari Ravndal, Synnøve Sandøy, Elizareta Sukholovskaia, Daniel N.Turco, Berit Katrine Aasbø.
Specialising in Visual Communication: Nevena Djokic, Knut Harald Longva, Raquel Marques, Ingar Midtbø, Sasa Milic, Philip Notland, Kelly Sullan.
Opening: Friday 19 April 2013 at 6pm by Leif Steven Verdu-Isachsen, Norsk Form 
Exhibition period: 19 April - 2 May 2013 
Venue: USF Verftet (Visningsrommet), Georgenes Verft 12, Bergen 
Challenging established truths are both refreshing and a necessary contributions to development and new impulses. Seeking new ways of framing questions is another defining feature of this year's MA graduates' design perspective. Public health, migration, deforestation, redesign, sustainable communities, universal design and visual identity are some of the topics the MA exam projects deal with. 
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MA seminar in Design: 'Design - Action - Change' 
In connection to the MA degree show in Design 2013 workshops and seminars are arranged thematizing design's
role in society. 
Workshop Part 1: 'Design as actiontrigger' 
Date: Friday 19 April 1 - 5.30pm 
Venue: Cinemateket, USF Verftet. 
Participants: Benedicte Brinchmann Eie, Leif Verdu Isaksen, Thomas Anthun among others
Workshop Part 2: 'Design as actiontrigger'
Date: Tuesday 23 April
Venue: KHiB 9-12am, Marken 37/Kong Oscars gate 62 
Seminar and paneldiscussion: Change through design by action' 
Date: Thursday 25 April 1- 5pm 
Venue: Cinemateket, USF Verftet 
Participants: Einar Wiig, Chris Boyko, Anette Væring, Linda Lien, Bente Irminger among others
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Public presentations of the MA exam projects
The external examiners comment on each of the MA exam projects in Fine Art and Design. The presentations are open to the public. 
MA study in Design: Furniture and Spatial
Design/Interior Architecture: 10 April   
MA study in Design: Visual Communication: 11 April 
MA study in Fine Art:  15, 16 and 17 April 
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BA degree show 10 - 15 May 2013
Six days - sis venues: KHiB presents the BA Degree Show 2013 from 10 til 15 May! BA students in Fine Art show their exam projects in various galleries in Bergen: Bergen kjøtt, USF Verftet, Knipsu and Østre. The BA students in Design exhibit on KHiB campus - in Rom8 (Visual Communication) and in The Red Room/The Lecture Room in Marken 37 (Furniture and Spatial Design/Interior Architecture). Opening hours: 12 to 8pm. 
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