Strategy plan 2012-2016

Bergen Academy of Art and Design is a leading institution for innovative thinking and experimental artistic research and education.

In 2016,

  • artistic research and development, education and dissemination are equally important in our work.
  • we are accredited as a specialised university college.
  • we are still an independent institution that collaborates with relevant partners on artistic research and development, teaching and administration.
  • we are located in one new building.
  • we have two departments - Fine Art and Design.
  • our research fellows are awarded PhD degrees through the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme.
  • we educate students and develop artistic research that will contribute to and challenge society.



Artistic research and development

STIMULATING, Experimental, Vibrant and Grounded

Bergen Academy of Art and Design is a stimulating and energetic environment for developing new ideas and knowledge.

Bergen Academy of Art and Design

  • challenges established practices and is innovative in art and design.
  • generates quality by focusing on processes and results.
  • stimulates the creation and sharing of knowledge
  • innovates and initiates while promoting critical reflection.
  • endeavours to further develop a strong artistic and academic environment through dialogue and cooperation  as well as through the targeted recruitment of highly-qualified academic staff.
  • defines overriding themes and develops projects that include members of the academic staff, research fellows, students and external partners.
  • ensures close collaboration between artistic research and research in art and design.
  • contributes to the development and quality of the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.
  • contributes to the formulation of agenda in international debates.
  • is a  visibly profiled participant in international projects.

Sector goal:
On the basis of their distinctive nature, universities and university colleges shall carry out relevant research and development to a high international standard.



Stimulating, EXPERIMENTAL, Vibrant and Grounded

Bergen Academy of Art and Design is a sustainable and experimental learning and working environment for creative activity.

Bergen Academy of Art and Design

  • educates artists and designers who set the agenda in their fields.
  • provides conditions that foster  comprehensive understanding, critical reflection and conceptual thinking
  • builds on the relationship between artistic research and education.
  • ensures that the education it offers is relevant and promotes the importance of art and design in society.
  • offers optimal opportunities for working across media and subject areas.
  • emphasises communication and dialogue with relevant artistic and professional environments.
  • offers a learning environment in which students are encouraged to be critical, independent and experimental.
  • has a national and international profile that is reflected in the composition of its staff and students.
  • offers artistically relevant, flexible and stable life long learning that is closely connected to its core activities.


Sector goal:
Universities and university colleges shall offer education of a high international standard that meets society's needs.



STIMULATING, Experimental, VIBRANT and Grounded

Bergen Academy of Art and Design is a visible, vibrant and responsible institution that helps to raise awareness of the value and potential of art and design in society.

Bergen Academy of Art and Design

  • is a natural partner for the arts sector, the authorities and the business community in relation to strengthening the position of art and design.
  • contributes to forums in which our expertise is a resource, and builds networks with relevant partners.
  • markets its activities to and engages with other relevant professional milieus in Norway and abroad.
  • communicates processes and results in order to increase public awareness of the value and potential of art and design.
  • is internationally engaged.
  • shows work in professional contexts.
  • produces documentation of and reflection on art and design activity that contributes to artistic development and debate.
  • contributes to strengthening the dissemination of art and culture to children and young people in education.
  • increases its externally-funded activity by offering innovative and attractive programmes to society and to the business community.


Sector goal:
Universities and university colleges shall be institutions with a high profile in society that contribute to dissemination, international, national and regional development, innovation and value creation.


Management, organisation and administration

Stimulating, Experimental, Vibrant and GROUNDED

Bergen Academy of Art and Design is a grounded, efficient and quality-conscious institution that appreciates and is interested in internal and external collaboration. 

Bergen Academy of Art and Design

  • promotes open and coordinated management.
  • devotes resources to strengthening artistic research and development, education and dissemination.
  • stimulates development based on administrative and artistic quality.
  • uses the results of art and design work as the basis for further development of its organisational culture, institutional identity and marketing.
  • regards staff and students as resources in the development of the institution.
  • promotes transparent internal communication.
  • emphasises a working environment characterised by equality and tolerance.
  • takes ethical challenges seriously.
  • works towards the development of a sustainable and inclusive environment.


Sector goal:
Universities and university colleges shall administer their activities, competence and resources in accordance with their role in society.

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