Johan Sandborg

Phone:+47 55 58 74 31 / 91 82 25 98
Office:Strømgaten 1

Since August 2010 Johan Sandborg has been Pro-Rector at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB).

Johan Sandborg has worked extensively as a photographic artist since 1978 and has had major exhibitions in Norway, Europe and America.

His work spans from personal snapshots, photographic landscapes to digitally generated images, and deals with the relationship between the reader and the photographic image.

"The photographic image is by far one of the most dominate object in the western culture. We rely on it to make sense of the world around us. Though it's surface we experience events that are beyond our immediate surroundings. In many cases we trust the photographic image more that we trust our eyes. As an artist I'm skeptical of this ease of acceptance, but at the same time I'm fascinated by luring powers of the photographic picture."

Areas of research interests
Representation and the photographic image, "inter-image" narratives, photographic survey and the notion of the archive.   

Ongoing artistic research projects:

"In a Place Like This..."  

In a place like this

A joint research project with Associate Professor Duncan Higgins. The project is an investigation into the language of images and representation. The central focus for the project is how the production of the image or the act of making images can communicate or describe moments of erasure or remembering in terms of historical and personal narratives with direct reference to moments of violence and place. The workis constructed as a montage, a complete interwoven idea, in an attempt to recount a narrative testimony within the landscapes in which it is inscribed.

In a Palce Like This at Research Catalogue

"Bridge to bridge"

The project uses the a post industrial area in Bergen as a starting point to investigate the idea of the photographic survey. Combining images from today's abandoned industrial sites with historical images from the Bergen University photographic archive. The intention is to contract a narrative that  encompasses the history of the area and visualize the ambivalence of an urban landscape in decay and in anticipation.

Participant in KHiB's artistic research projects:
Topographies of the obsolete

In a Place Like This (2013)
Biography of a Photograph (2007)
Norwegian Landscapes (1988)
Sounds of Birth (1981)

Johan Sandborgs CV

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