Sara Henriksen

Sara Henriksen

Office:Kong Oscars gate 3 etg, C. Sundts gate 53 4 etg.

Sara is a Coordinator both at the Department of Design and the Department of Fine Art. The position involves working closely with the departments, in cooperation with Head of Office and Deans.

At the Department of Design, Sara works with assessments, management, facilitation and text production for professional projects, including artistic research, Lifelong learning and the fundraising programme on external and internal cooporation projects.

At the Department of Art, Sara works with various reports and assessments and assists the Dean when needed.

Sara has worked at Bergen Academy of Art and Design since 2011. She has worked with environmental and urban development policy in Bergen City Council, as well as policy and organizational development. She has also been a national representative on academic and research affairs at NSU, on a national level. Sara is a graduate art historian (BA) with supplementary studies in economics and psychology from the University of Bergen.


Published: 8/5/2014 by Vibeke Wallacher Enæs Updated: 9/15/2015 by Rebecca Rodriguez