Department of Fine Art

Department of Fine Art offers students BA and MA degrees in Fine Art. The department has an open and engaged environment in which explorative ideas can find collegiate support, and where the relation between staff and students is one of mutuality and collaboration. It is an essential aspect to integrate research into teaching, and to foster a process of discovery, critical questioning, and imagination that can lead to highly realized work.

The Department of Fine Art at KHiB is distinguished by a dedication to artistic research. This is developed through critical and creative inquiry into a diverse range of issues and methodologies. At the Art Department emphasis is placed on innovative and experimental approaches to research, often leading to collaborative projects organized with international partners and the dissemination of results through exhibitions, presentations, and publications. Its staff is comprised of leading national and international artists and theorists whose expertise ranges from performance, social and spatial practices, contemporary craft, visual and sonic cultures, new media, painting and lens-based image making. Major research projects currently include Topographies of the Obsolete and Re:Place, both funded by the National Artistic Research program.